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S.Korea Travels For The Ultimate Adventure

Journey to this amazing country in Eastern Asia for some South Korea Travels along with a wide variety of activities.   Be one with nature and take a hike.  This Expat Adventure Traveler at the time was living in South Korea while immersing myself in the culture.  While spending some time there, I jumped into my car, road the subway, hiked mountains, explored the city which let me to discover new places.  Let me share some of my recommendations on Cities, Activities, Hotels along with Restaurants including Pubs.   Continue reading S.Korea Travels For The Ultimate Adventure

The Impact of Fall at Mt Maisan

Great place for fall in S.Korea is Mt Maisan.  Thinking this as I drive there with a car full of ladies on an adventure.  Not sure where the exit is or what to expect, but we were all ready for the adventure.  Finding the South Park Entrance we stop, jump out of the car, stand in awe, at this beautiful tall tree with this amazing color of yellow like the sun.  That’s when we realize how cold it is and we are all under-dressed. Continue reading The Impact of Fall at Mt Maisan

Hello Costa Rica

Costa Rica with its tropical forests, birds and plants of many different species is this expat’s dream adventure.  Tasty cuisine and the romantic language of Spanish is what one would expect to experience and more.  My senses are in over drive as I take a deep breath and start my adventure. Continue reading Hello Costa Rica