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Japan Travel Where You See Fascinating Locations

Journey to Asia and visit fascinating Japan Travel locations.  Go where the old meets the new in some very interesting cities.  My travels have taken me to Japan frequently, and am excited to share my favorite locations and information.  This list is not conclusive but highlights the more interesting places.   My favorite times to visit Japan is in spring for the cherry blossoms and fall for the color changing of the leaves.  Let us take us a visit to the land of the rising sun and start with Kyoto one of my favorite cities.  Links are in green..

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Quick Guide: See The Remarkable Japan Cherry Blossoms

Spring is coming and the Japan Cherry Blossoms will be happening soon.  Here is your Quick Guide to help you through this magnificent blooming.  Image standing under a cherry tree and the wind picks up and beautiful cherry blossoms are floating all around you that looks like snow.  Amazing!   Continue reading Quick Guide: See The Remarkable Japan Cherry Blossoms

Childrens Peace Monument

Visit Hiroshima,  and take a tour of The Peace Memorial Park.  This park is dotted with memorials including a very special one, the Childrens Peace Monument.  Here stands a very moving monument that draws everyone in.  See the tall stone art sculpture shaped like an arch with a child standing on top holding a crane.  Half circling this sculpture are surrounding glass cases filled with something colorful you just can’t make out.  You move past the beautiful flowers closer in to see whats in the cases.  With all these colorful items you must stop and read an amazing story. Continue reading Childrens Peace Monument