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Largest Rose Festival Ulsan

Time for the 10th annual  Largest Rose Festival Ulsan.  There are 263 varieties of Roses that will be specially arranged for the viewers to enjoy.  There will be a parade and music to celebrate the Rose Festival.

Rose Festival Ulsan
*Photo courtesy of the Imagine your Korea

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11 Geoje Mountain Peaks to Hike

We are now ready to hike the  Geoje Mountain Peaks.  Question is, now how do we find the right trails that lead to the peak.  With the help of friends that joined me on finding our way to the peak and the Geoje Tourist Resources book we made it to all peaks.   Thank goodness the book was light and fit in my pack.

It sometimes took many hours on the trails but it was fun.  Realize some of these directions say turn left at this tree and right at this trail but its an overview on how to find the starting point.  As long as you arrive prepared, go out and explore with a friend like I did.  Hope you enjoy these hikes as much as I have.  Our time here is short here on Geoje so hurry and start your hiking. Continue reading 11 Geoje Mountain Peaks to Hike

My Urban Adventure Seoul….1Adventure Traveler

Sometimes the best trips are where you just venture out, do some exploring and take an Urban Adventure Seoul . Just go for a walk and see where it takes you. Don’t forget to stop at a local restaurant for some authentic food in your travels. Continue reading My Urban Adventure Seoul….1Adventure Traveler