Journey to Asia and visit fascinating Japan Travel locations.  Go where the old meets the new in some very interesting cities.  My travels have taken me to Japan frequently, and am excited to share my favorite locations and information.  This list is not conclusive but highlights the more interesting places.   My favorite times to visit Japan is in spring for the cherry blossoms and fall for the color changing of the leaves.  Let us take us a visit to the land of the rising sun and start with Kyoto one of my favorite cities.  Links are in green..


Japan Travel Where You see Fascinating Locations - 1AdventureTraveler | Japan Travel Locations |

Japan Travel Locations

Japan Travel Where You See Fascinating Locations - 1AdventureTraveler | Japan Travel Locations |

Kinkaku-ji “The Golden Pavilion”

Kyoto – Japan Travel Locations

A visit to the ancient city Kyoto takes one back in time with its 1600 ancient temples and 400 colorful shrines.    Kyoto was settled in the 7th century and it is home to 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Make sure to see this quick guide on the temples to visit and choose.  Pick your favorite places to visit and start there.  The guide will give you the days open and hours of operation.  Many friends have commented on how happy their journey to Kyoto was with the information here.

  • Restaurants – Kyoto

Hafu Resturant for a mouth watering Kobe Steak Dinner.  My favorite location is the original restaurant with more of a Japanese flair.  Order a multi-course meal which is to die for.  Click the link for more information on days open and times of operation.

Man in the Moon Irish Pub Gion for a quick refreshing beverage before or after dinner.  If your interested in some quick pub food their fish and chips are very good.  Click the link for operating times, address and directions.  Cheers!

  • Hotel – Kyoto

Hyatt Regency Kyoto Hotel  a 5 star luxury hotel with nice semi-western style and a great location.  Comfortable rooms with Luxury amenities.  Located on a popular bus route with a pick up at the train station upon arrival.  See link for Hotel Restaurant and Lounge Information and amenities provided.

  • Location – Kyoto

Kyoto and can be reached by train.  The closest international airport is in Osaka.  Kyoto can be seen as a day trip from Osaka or as a starting place to begin your adventure.  There are a few types of trains running through Japan.  Make sure to stop by the Kyoto Tourist Information Center (TIC) on the 2nd floor to obtain information.  Ask for train times and I suggest to write down the times of departure for each town.  Each day will have different Departure time.

By Train service:  The JR Train from Osaka to Kyoto costs approximately Y540 and takes 30 min.  Another route would be Keihan and Hankyu Lines Express Trains which take 50 min and cost between Y390 and Y460.  They depart every 15 minutes from Osaka’s Yodoyabashi and Umeda Stations.

Japan Travel Where You See Fascinating Locations - 1AdventureTraveler | Japan Travel Locations |

Dotombori-dori (Shopping and Nightlife)

Osaka – Japan Travel Locations

The hustle and bustle of Osaka in the more modern city is host to many things to do.  Established in 1892 and divided into 2 regions the north referred to Kita and the south Minami.  Enjoy the 4 seasons and see the city come to life with its high end shopping to many Restaurants and Lounges.

Check out the many activities here in Osaka.  All it takes is a taxi or train ride to find your destination.  This quick guide gives you the fun and educational activities plus their location, train information, and times of operation.  My favorite thing to do while here in Osaka is book my hotel here to save money and do day trips.  Lots of places just a train ride away.

  • Restaurants – Osaka

Chibo Restaurant which is famous for its variety of tasty Okonomiyaki.  Do not be put off due to this restaurant size.  Go early and even better make reservations for dinner.  Your hotel can help you with that.  They are also open for lunch.

  • Hotel – Osaka 

InterContinental Hotel Osaka has the perfect location and more, which is one of my favorite places to stay.  With its larger western rooms, stylish and clean  plus restaurants.  Click the link for hotel information, bus directions from the airport and also the hotel amenities.  Located attached to a mall within walking distance through the mall to large train station.

  • Location – Osaka

Osaka has an International Airport.  Bus travel to downtown or hotels are available.  Ask information at the terminal Information desk (TIC).  The ladies there will get you all sorted out in English.  There are also taxi’s available but more expensive.

Japan Travel Where You See Fascinating Locations - 1AdventureTraveler | Japan Travel Locations |

Free Roaming Deer of Nara

Nara – Japan Travel Locations

Welcome to Nara and its friendly tame deer and fabulous temples.  A great day trip from Osaka easily accessible by train.  “Nara-koen” with its’ eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites is a place to see.  Nara was Japans’ first permanent capitol established in the year 710 and known for its famous artwork from the 8th century.

Nara is compact and easy to see in one day.  With the many temples, Nara Park, and Great Buddha click the link for information on operating hours and locations.  Also see some fantastic photos and video.

  • Location – Nara

Nara is located in the Kansai Region of Japan can be accessed by Train using the Japan Rail Pass that is bought before going to Japan.  Other alternatives to Nara is by JR lines and Kintesu Railway (private railway company) connects Osaka/Kyoto with Nara too.  I like to stay in Osaka and take the JR line from Osaka to Nara.  Very efficient.

Japan Travel Where You See Fascinating Locations - 1AdventureTraveler | Japan Travel Locations |

Miyajima Japan – Floating Red Tori

Hiroshima – Japan Travel Locations

My mournful trip to Hiroshima has left me more informed and with a few rays of sunshine.  There are many things to do here but I have listed only two to date and will update at a later time.

  • History of Hiroshima

Hiroshima is located farther north on the Island of Japan.  It is also the location where a nuclear weapon was dropped on Aug 6, 1945 by the United States due to an act of war by Japan of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  The world has changed and many positive things have come to light which is Peace.  I choose to focus only on a few activities here.

  • Activities of Hiroshima

Children’s Peace Monument located in the Peace Memorial Park which is very interesting place to visit and read the information signs.  The Children’s Peace Monument was inspired by Sadako Sasaki who developed Leukemia at the age of 11.  She decided to fold 1000 paper cranes which symbolizes longevity and happiness.  Unfortunately Sadako did not make her goal but her classmates help finish here goal and more along with children from around the world.  Such a beautiful and moving site.  Click on the link to see the beautiful cranes from children all around the world and for information on transportation there.

Miyajima Japan a 25 minute train ride from Hiroshima is a must see island.  See the beautiful floating red Tori and take the Ropeway up to Mt. Misen.  See wonderful temples, restaurants and also see the free roaming deer.  My suggestion is to go to the TIC information in the city your in and find out when high tide is in.  That is the best time to see the floating red Tori.   Click the link for more information.

Japan Travel Where You See Fascinating Locations - 1AdventureTraveler | Japan Travel Locations |

Japan Cherry Blossom Festival Schedule for 2017

Festivals – Japan Travel Locations

There are a few festivals in Japan which make your visit to Japan special.  Expect crowds, book in advance and have the time of your life.  Some of these festivals listed are from 2016 and 2017.  If you find a festival to visit that was last years it will be around the same time just do a quick research and find the new dates.

Cherry Blossom Festival

Festivals in March

Gion Matsuri Festival 

Japan Travel Where You See Fascinating Locations -1AdventureTraveler | Japan Travel Locations |

Gion Kyoto, Japan

Tips for Japan Travel Locations

  • Good time to visit Japan is Spring and Fall
  • Currency in Japan is the Yen
  • There are four seasons in Japan
  • English is not widely spoken.  Have your hotel write down in Japanese where you would like to go.
  • Pick up a business card for your hotel.  This is a good reference for Taxi drivers to call if they do not understand you.
  • Immerse yourself in the local culture
  • At each destination go to the TIC (Information Desk) where they speak english along with other languages.  Ask for maps, train times, train tickets and more.

Japan Travel Where You See Fascinating Locations - 1AdventureTraveler | Japan Travel Locations |

Beautiful serene garden and bridge in Kyoto, Japan

Other – Japan Travel Locations

Hope you enjoy my own personal  collaboration of Japan Travel Location articles all together in one place.  This will help you plan of your next asian trip to Japan.  For other adventure destinations visit 1AdventureTraveler.

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