At last, Busan Transportation Directions  from Geoje Island.  This expat wife has taken some of the worry out of transportation by providing easy directions from Okpo to Busan and back.  A trip to Busan can be challenging at times, whether you take the bus/subway or just drive on your S.Korea Travels.

Busan Transportation Directions

I was fortunate to travel with an adventurous group of ladies who were willing to jump in the car and have fun.  With their help I was able to gather up directions for others to use.  I always travel with a friend so they can watch my GPS/directions and I can watch the crazy drivers including myself.

Two Busan Directions from Okpo

I have included two Busan Transportation Directions.  One direction for driving into Busan, and another for taking the Bus.  Also included are the favorite subway stop name and numbers to the Gukje International Market and the Jin Market.

Busan Transportations Directions

Gukje International Market

My favorite Busan Transportation Direction is to drive into Busan and park at the first subway stop called Sinpyeong.  Once parked, catch the subway and continue on my adventure.  This method saves time due to the large volume of traffic downtown.

The directions provided can be used in multiple combinations.

Busan Transportation Directions:  Choose the directions in bold print that apply to you. Mix and Match. 

Driving Directions into Busan to the First Subway Stop Sinpyeong.

  • If using a GPS…click in Transportion.
  • Click subway
  • Scroll down and look for Sinpyeong Subway stop
  • Follow directions to subway stop.
  • Parking on the same street attached to the subway stop. Left side if looking at the building.
  • Parking around W1,000 an hour. Pick up ticket from the booth.
  • Walk towards subway and follow directions below for subway

Subway directions from the bus stop in Okpo to the subway

Okpo Bus stop:

  • Located right in front of the International Market on Hwy 14 Okpo.
  • Facing in the direction of Geoyon.
  • Purchase tickets in store. One way to Busan Sasang stop.
  • Departs Okpo check time with store clerk.
  • Bus stop is partially enclosed in plexiglass closest to the signal but ask people around you.
  • Queue for the Bus.  (lots of buses going by.  Ask people standing in line)
  • Ask driver “Sasang”
  • Catch Bus to Busan can exit at:
  • Sinpyeong stop (1st stop)
  • (FYI: second stop is Sasang.  Also a subway stop)

Subway Sinpyong

  •  Walk toward subway station on same side of street and walk down stairs.
  •  Purchase subway ticket in Won from free standing machine.  Must have single’s or coins to buy tickets.  If needed  change machines are available.
  •  Push English button.  I suggest purchasing a one day Pass. (in case you get lost or going in the wrong direction  and need to turn around).  yes it happens.
  •  Insert Money and wait for ticket to drop before you push in plastic slot to retrieve ticket.
  • Sinpyong station (is the last subway stop or first subway stop).
  • Catch the train.  It only goes one way
  • See directions below to location and exit number for Markets.

Directions to the Markets:

BusanJin Mart  (Also Hyundai Dept. Store)

  • Line 1 (orange line)
  • Subway stop is called Beomil-dong or Beomil (117)
  • head out toward exit 1.  Walk 5 min Jin Mart straight ahead
  • approx. 20 min ride on subway
  • (Not sure which exit is for Hyundai dept. store. There are information booths or people to help.)

International Mart

  • Line 1 (orange line)
  • Subway exit Jagalchi (110)
  • Not sure which exit.  Ask someone or check map.
  • Market is away from the ocean and fish market is on the water.
  • approx 15 min on subway

Departing from Markets

  • Go back to subway
  • Destination is back to Sinpyeong Station to catch bus or pick up your car.
  • before entering and putting in your one day pass ticket look up and make sure you are going into the right direction.
  • Line 1 Orange Line

Directions to the Sinpyeong Station.

  • The direction is always toward the last station on each line.
  •  On Orange Line the last stations both start with a S so make sure going toward the right name and the numbers are getting smaller when on the subway.
  • Always pay attention as to your location. If you are going the wrong way, exit, and go up and go back down to the other side of the track and head in the correct direction.  That’s why an all day pass will come in handy.
  • Exit at last stop Sinpyeong (101)

Bus to Okpo

  • Bus departure 1530 from Sinpyeong. (time may have change, check with store clerk.)
  • Exit out of subway upstairs and go left.
  • Cross street at signal go left and walk down street.
  • Go to little store on right side of street
  • Purchase ticket Okpo
  • make sure ticket says Okpo
  • Look for 2 clear small plastic jugs on the edge of the sidewalk along the street across from store.
  • Looking at the street and jugs stand before the jug on the right but ask someone next to you
  • Arrive early.  Sinpyeong stop gets busy and you are not always guaranteed a seat.  The bus comes from the Sasang Bus Station and this is the second stop.  If bus is full it will not stop.
  • (One can always go back to the subway and look at map and go to the Sasang stop and catch first bus to Okpo.  Backup plan just in case its getting late and the busses are full)
  • Buses run on time. Verify with driver bus is going to Okpo
  • Exit OKPO.  Only one stop in okpo by the fire station

Busan Transportation Directions

When planning your day allow for travel times on subway to make sure you make it to the bus stop in time.  Due to the ever changing roads and signs some of these directions may change but don’t worry some of these tips will be very helpful.

The links below are helpful.  I suggest printing off a Busan Subway Map to take with you.

subway route map:  

printable subway route map: 

subway stops where you can park a car: 

These Busan Transportation Directions are just suggestions and hope to provide a easier time driving into Busan.  I tried to make the directions short and easy to follow.  I always have an adventure while going into town.  Smile, take your time and you will have fun.  If there has been any changes our you have more information please share your information in the comment section to help others find their way to Busan.

For more tips visit 1Adventure Traveler Tips and check out my Day Trips off Geoje Island.  Life is short, go out and have fun…1Adventure Traveler

(some photos courtesy of Busan Transportation)