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If you have a question please send me a Comment and I will respond in a timely fashion.  Thank You..

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    1. Hi Albert,
      Adsense was easy for me to set up plus it is through Google. I have not had any many click but what I do like it measures when some hovers over it. That all means some income. Still I am happy using Adsense and giving it time to increase.

  1. Hi Stephanie, I can’t see a follow button on you home page. I do see subscribe via email but I would prefer to follow with my WordPress reader. I get so many emails, I just have to delete then all the time! Is the follow via WordPress button there and I just can’t see it?

    1. Hi Kelly, I’m looking into now how people can see my site on WordPress reader. I have a site and not sure how to go about doing that. Doing some research! Thanks for asking….Stephanie 1Adventure Traveler

    2. Hi Kelly, I added an RSS feed button.
      Now you can add the URL of my website to your WordPress Reader buy clicking the Menu button in the reader section. At the very top in faint letters it has a box that says “Enter a URL or a tag to follow” that is where you put my website address and it will now show up in your followed sites.
      I agree this keeps from having so many emails. Thank you for bringing to my attention…Stephanie 1AdventureTraveler

  2. 1Adventure Traveler:

    Hey 1Adventure Traveler, here is my blog post when you get a chance please feel free to check it out and kindly give comments. Also maybe we can work together sharing insights online. Thank you, from Chris.
    Thanks in advance and please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

    All the best,


    Chris Thompson



    CELL: 251.721.0844




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