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S.Korea Travels For The Ultimate Adventure

Journey to this amazing country in Eastern Asia for some South Korea Travels along with a wide variety of activities.   Be one with nature and take a hike.  This Expat Adventure Traveler at the time was living in South Korea while immersing myself in the culture.  While spending some time there, I jumped into my car, road the subway, hiked mountains, explored the city which let me to discover new places.  Let me share some of my recommendations on Cities, Activities, Hotels along with Restaurants including Pubs.   Continue reading S.Korea Travels For The Ultimate Adventure

A Welcome to Nara for the First Time

Welcome to the fascinating city of Nara, Japan with its friendly tame deer and fabulous Temples.  “Nara-koen” with its’ eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites is a site to see.  The city is compact and very easy to see in one day and is considered to be the birth place of Japanese Culture.  Nara  is only a day trip from Osaka or Kyoto, easily accessible by train.  With my trusty Lonely Planet Japan Travel Book and * Fodor’s Japan Travel Book I am ready to start my adventure.   Continue reading A Welcome to Nara for the First Time

Boseong Green Tea Plantation

Boseong Green Tea Plantation is a terraced farm that is used for growing green tea plus a location for shooting movies, TV films and commercials.  Make sure to make a visit on your S.Korea Travels.  Let us learn more about the Green Tea Plantation. Continue reading Boseong Green Tea Plantation