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Tour Vs Adventure The Ultimate Showdown

A Tour Vs Adventure The Ultimate Showdown Travel for your first or next travel holiday, is a big decision.  Do you take an adventure or just take a tour?  You ask yourself how much time do you have to plan and think about how much work it will take to research.  Do you let someone else do the work for you or do you have fun and plan.  It is time to go out and buy your Lonely Planet Travel BookRick Steves Travel Book or  Rick Steves Through the Back Door ( for budget travelers)  then will get started.  Now, let’s take a look at Tour Vs Adventure. Continue reading Tour Vs Adventure The Ultimate Showdown

Give Homage to our World Oceans

Let us Give Homage to our World Oceans when we travel.  The oceans are wide and vast and we know very little about them.   The World Oceans are interconnected and take up almost 71% of the earths surface.  The oceans have a total volume of 1.332 billion cubic kilometers.  Let us take a look at what the World Oceans give us.

Continue reading Give Homage to our World Oceans

Savvy Travelers Packing Tips

Savvy Travelers can pack for any destination on their bucket list.  Start with a plan and then run with it. Your wondering is this possible but it is.  With my many Adventure Travels I have my packing down to a science.  First, you need to know;  will your travel be upscale, backpacking or just a lower key adventure.  Second, find the right bag and Third, decide on the clothes.  I’’m here to help you sort though all of this. Continue reading Savvy Travelers Packing Tips