While traveling all over Europe,  I saw lots of  backpackers, casual travelers and adventurers all with their hands on Rick Steves Travel Books.   The hunt then began for me to find the nearest book store and find a Rick Steves Travel Book in English.   Not easy to do in Rome,  but I was lucky a backpacker was done with their copy and shared.   So off I went to research traveling with Rick Steves Travel Books and explore this great city.

Rick Steves Travel Books

Information found in Rick Steves Travel Books

  • In these travel books, information is found on what is really needed to know when visiting a destination.  Weather, money, transportation, history and more.
  • One can follow a self-guided tour & explore important landmarks with the information given.  Rick Steves Podcasts are great for self-guided tours that can be download before you go.
  • Find the best city views, dine at the most romantic restaurants or join the locals at an amazing characteristic restaurant.
  • Rick Steves Travel Books offer humorous advice and will guide you to good value hotels and restaurants.  A great way to plan your trip.
  • Find the Suggested Itineraries for 1 day in your city destination or a 2 day suggested itinerary.   You can mix and match according to what you want to do and read about each suggested place to visit.
  • I like the way cities in the Rick Steves Travel Books are researched  which save you time and money.  Check out how to get around town by car, train, boat & bus.

My Experience with Rick Steves Travel Books

While spending one month in Italy including 2 1/2 weeks in Rome,  I enjoyed and learned so much history from the Rick Steves Travel Books & Podcasts.  I was walking through the most amazing site,  the Rome Colosseum with Rick Steves (Podcast) in my ear educating me on the history and which direction to go to maximum the best time at the location.

My husband and I listened to the Podcast at the same time and enjoyed the experience.  Its nice to pause, start and stop anytime you want especially if you want to take photographs.  I have also verbalized the historical facts from the Rick Steves Travel Book at a museum at a whisper to my husband, followed the path suggested,  and worked our way around like a pro.  What a very enjoyable experience.

The tips on which day the museums are open,  which ones are the best to see gave me a chance to make my own itinerary from his suggestions.

I dined at the most romantic restaurants in the city and ate like a local where no one spoke English and I only spoke a little of Spanish and Italian together in Rome.    Yes, that was funny and crazy!  It was the best pasta dinner I have every eaten and I visited the restaurant again another night and was very welcomed by the locals and owners.

Rick Steves Travel Books


Travel is freedom!  If you like to casual travel or backpack I suggest an other Travel Books by him,  the Rick Steves Travel Books “Through the Back Door”.

I was so surprised to see so many of his travel books in the hands of all kinds of tourists in Europe.   You can see Rick Steves Travel Show on TV and more at the  Rick Steves Europe website.

For more of my travel blogs see me at 1Adventure Traveler and follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more update travel information.  Life is short, go out and have an adventure!

*Disclaimer….I was not paid or given anything to endorse Rick Steves Travel  Books.  I like how they are written for the traveler with so much information that I had to share!