Tour Vs Adventure The Ultimate Showdown with 1AdventureTraveler

Tour Vs Adventure The Ultimate Showdown

A Tour Vs Adventure The Ultimate Showdown Travel for your first or next travel holiday, is a big decision.  Do you take an adventure or just take a tour?  You ask yourself how much time do you have to plan and think about how much work it will take to research.  Do you let someone else do the work for you or do you have fun and plan.  It is time to go out and buy your Lonely Planet Travel BookRick Steves Travel Book or  Rick Steves Through the Back Door ( for budget travelers)  then will get started.  Now, let’s take a look at Tour Vs Adventure.

Tour Vs Adventure The Ultimate Showdown with 1Adventure Travel
Tour Travel: Beijing with Viking River Cruises

Tour Vs Adventure The Ultimate Showdown with 1AdventureTraveler

The Tour – Tour Vs Adventure

The Tour still takes some time and networking.  Find out by word of mouth the best tours your friends and family suggest.  Take into consideration not everyone likes the same things.

Tour Vs Adventure The Ultimate Showdown with 1AdventureTraveler
Tour Travel: Beijing, China while on the “Imperial Jewels of China” Viking River Cruise.

Now it’s time to go online and do some research.  Research the cities you would like to visit.  Learn about history, weather, and tourist spots.  Lonely Planet is a great website to use, all you need to do is type in the city.

Tour Vs Adventure The Ultimate Showdown with 1AdventureTraveler
Tour Travel: Great Wall of China with The Viking River Cruises “Imperial Jewels of China”

Next research about different Tour Companies, locations,  activities offered and if there are any Discount Pricing.  Make sure to look at the reviews from other travelers and make your own opinion.  Trip Advisor is a great resource for reviews.   Take a look at my reviews on Trip Advisor 1Adventure Traveler.

Tour Vs Adventure The Ultimate Showdown with 1AdventureTraveler
Tour Travel: Love his expression. In Vietnam with Viking River Cruises “Mekong Delta”

Now you’re ready to contact the Tour Company.  Have your information at hand and be ready to make some decisions.  When you book through a Tour Company check out flights to your destination and extra excursions.  You can also book a tour through a travel agent.  Viking Cruises and Viking River Cruises have a good reputation.  They will occasionally offer a 2 for 1 special.  Now let’s learn about Adventure Travel.

Tour Vs Adventure The Ultimate Showdown with 1AdventureTraveler
Tour Travel: Angkor Wat Cambodia with Viking River Cruises “Mekong Delta”
Tour Vs Adventure The Ultimate Showdown
Tour Travel: Angkor Watt with Viking River Cruises. Had a wonderful local guide with wonderful stories and history.

The Adventure – Tour Vs Adventure

Let’s get ready for an Adventure.  First, are you budget traveler or luxury traveler?  By now you are networking and talking to family and friends and have an idea on where you would like to visit.

You know how long you want to be gone but still need to figure out how to get there and if you want to make stops along the way.  All the booking is done by you the traveler.  Having an  Adventure Travel gives you the freedom to do what you want and how you want.

Tour Vs Adventure The Ultimate Showdown with 1AdventureTraveler
Adventure Travel: Beach Front Villa at Wakatobi Dive Resort with loads of diving everyday!
Tour Vs Adventure The Ultimate Showdown with 1AdventureTraveler
Adventure Travel: Lots of fish while Scuba Diving in Wakatobi Indonesia.

The process is still the same on research except you will have to book every aspect of your travel.  Remember to check out reviews on Trip Advisor.  I also suggest  to download or buy a travel book to take with you.

Tour Vs Adventure The Ultimate Showdown with 1AdventureTraveler
Adventure Travel: Crazy fun in Hong Kong for Chinese New Year!

Next is look up  Flight deals.  CheapOAir,  Airline Websites and Social Media is a great place to look for deals.  Now you need to find Hotel, Resort or Hostel accommodations.  Check on TripAdvisor for reviews and on  Pintrest 1adventuretrave for other travel bloggers suggestions.

Tour Vs Adventure The Ultimate Showdown with 1AdventureTraveler
Adventure Travel: Our over the water bungelows at the Sipadan-Kapalai Dive Resort. Multiple dives a day 🙂

Mix and Match – Tour Vs Adventure

The way to approach A Mix and Match Tour Vs Adventure is almost the done same way.  Research still needs to be done as above.  Pick and choose your Tour, book it and now you have the freedom to book your own airline tickets and plan an Adventure Travel before/after.  All this done with the process we discussed above.  This is a great comprise to see other cities important to you that are not covered on a tour.

Tour Vs Adventure The Ultimate Showdown with 1AdventureTraveler
Mix and Match Travel: Chen Sea Resort Spa in Vietnam. Great add on after your tour or adventure for relaxation.

Conclusion Tour Vs Adventure

I have always thought of myself as an Adventure Traveler and planned my own trips and enjoyed.  Recently talked into doing 2 Viking River Cruises, one through China “Imperial Jewels of China” and one through Vietnam and Cambodia “Magnificent Mekong” and had a wonderful time.   Enjoyed both but we did the mix and match travel.  See my blog on “HaLong Bay” as an example of an added trip.

Tour Vs Adventure The Ultimate Showdown with 1AdventureTraveler
Mix and Match Travel: Halong Bay, Vietnam 3 Day cruise on a private boat! Great add on before the Viking River Cruise.

Dive trips can be an all inclusive travel, which is a great way to set up a mix and match travel.  A great added trip is the  “Chen Sea Resort Spa” if your in the Vietnam area.  There are many ways to Tour Vs Adventure Travel and find what works best for you.  Have Fun! To see more adventures visit me at 1AdventureTraveler.

“Life is short, go out and have an adventure”

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Tour vs Adventure The Ultimate Showdown - 1AdventureTraveler | A Tour Vs Adventure The Ultimate Showdown Travel for your first or next travel holiday, is a big decision.  Do you take an adventure or just take a tour?

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24 thoughts on “Tour Vs Adventure The Ultimate Showdown”

  1. It’s interesting. I always thought tour travel was exactly that – booking a trip on a set tour with an agent helping u. Adventure travel wasn’t booking the trip urself but the kind of travel u did once on holiday. So, taking a Caribbean cruise would not be Adventure travel but going to the Amazon or visiting Africa would be.

    1. Hi Nicole,
      Adventure Travel is different for everyone. I see adventure travel as going somewhere outside of my comfort zone, to experience the new and challenging. Like you mentioned a tour is just that but for example one can also book excursions that go outside of ones comfort zone which could be a hike or something new. Then that tour would be a mixture of both Tour and Adventure Travel. Hope that helps clear up my definition of adventure travel 😊

  2. I think location is very important when deciding between being adventurous and travelling alone or taking a tour. For example, Morocco was an ideal country to travel around on a tour due to lack of reliable public transport in some areas. Whereas I wouldn’t ever dream of taking a tour in South East Asia because it’s so easy to travel around and meet people yourself! Thanks for raising some interesting points

    1. Thanks Alexei,
      I agree depends on the location and services of where you would like to travel. Morocco would be a fun tour to take. I had the chance but missed the opportunity but this was not a tour and was many years ago. That would have been a real adventure. I agree Public Transportation plays a key role in deciding between and Tour Vs Adventure. It is all about meeting people and having fun 🙂
      Happy Holidays and Travels, Stephanie (1AdventureTraveler)

    1. Hi Lauren,
      I’m with you. I have only been on 2 tours, same with my husband. We are adventurers like you and like to experience the unknown. We were introduced to the Viking River Cruise in China by my parents and couldn’t say no. Went kicking and screaming but had one of the best times due to the tours in each city with local people. Same with our 2nd Viking River Cruise in Vietnam same experience and more. Still like my adventures but I am waiting to get taken on the Viking Ocean Cruise in between my adventures. Enjoy your adventures 🙂
      Happy Holidays and Travels, Stephanie (1AdventureTraveler)

  3. The question of travel or tour depends on many factors. The time, the mood, the season and also the company. Sometime it would be tour and sometime adventure. Also depends on the place as well.

    1. Hi Sandy,
      That is correct, many factors affect Tour Vs Adventure. I am more of an adventurer and like to see the unknown and plan my own adventure. When I was introduced to my first tour – Viking River Cruise in China and wasn’t thrilled but went. I had the best time and planned other activities on our own after the tour. Thought it would be great to show others the possibility of a Mix and Max Adventure. 🙂

      Happy Travels, Stephanie (1AdventureTraveler)

  4. Great points on both methods! We do more adventure than tour, but we are doing a tour this year and we are excited about it! Great post!

    1. Thanks Jenn,
      I am looking forward to hearing more and seeing your blog on your tour this new year. I agree with you I too do more adventures than tours but a little mix and match sometimes is nice. 🙂
      Happy Holidays & Travels, Stephanie (1AdventureTraveler)

  5. Interesting topic. This year we took lots of day tours when travelling through parts of Europe. I have never taken a long tour though I wouldn’t be averse to doing so. It depends on costs for me really – we are looking at south east Asia for next year and will be looking at both options!

    1. Thanks Tracy,
      Day tours are great, they give you information about what your seeing. I sometimes will do that in a museum or in a large city. I have only been on 2 extemded tours. One in China and One in Cambodia & Vietnam both by Viking River Cruises. We did the mix and match, went on a tour and then went off and did our own adventures. Yes I agree the cost is a factor, and sometimes you can find tours that are 2 for 1 deals which helps the budget. Good luck planning your South East Asia Tour 🙂
      Happy Travels, Stephanie (1AdventureTraveler)

  6. Thank you for the interesting comparison between adventures and tours. I think they both have their place and I have personally done both on various trips. I always like to do my reasearch on a place and then decide which would be the best method for me.

    1. Thanks Sam,
      I see we both like to do our research. I now like to do both types of travels and if its a tour then for me a Mix and Match works well. Glad you like to weigh both options and choose the best method of travel.
      Happy Travels, Stephanie (1AdventureTraveler)

  7. Love this post Stephanie, so many helpful tips. We have been looking into Viking for a Germany River trip in two years, they really seem to have a lot going for them. and this post makes me know we are making the right choice. Thanks so much!

    1. Thanks Lisa,
      Happy you like the post. Viking River Tours and Viking Ocean Cruises are top notch. Look for their 2 for 1 specials. Our first trip we booked through a travel agent. Our second trip booked through Viking and also received a special price for booking a second trip. We booked our own airfare and more adventure travels before and after the trip. [ Mix and Match 🙂 ] Good luck planning your trip to Germany.
      Happy Travels, Stephanie (1AdventureTraveler)

    1. Thanks Paul and Carole,
      I agree there are pros and cons for both. This article I hope encourages other travelers to venture outside of the box if taking a tour and book some adventures before/after their holiday. Also that some tours are very informational and will take travelers to a new place they never thought of.
      Happy Travels, Stephanie (1AdventureTraveler)

  8. I absolutely love planning trips – it’s almost my favourite part! I love researching and looking into new and exciting places and Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor are my bibles – couldn’t be without them. I am rather partial to tours though, mainly because they will include the main highlights and other things you may not have thought of. Thank you for such an informative post #feetdotravel

    1. Thanks Angie,
      I love to plan trips also. For me that is the almost the most exciting part of the travel, Anticipation! I see you like my two favorite places to research, Lonely Planet & Trip Advisor. If you travel in Europe Rick Steves Travel Books have great itineraries, information along with Podcasts. Tours do give the traveler the main highlights and now since I started to do a few tours I think China is a good place for Tours.
      Happy Travels, Stephanie (1AdventureTraveler)

  9. Great post! We often do a mix of tour vs adventure on our trips. Sometimes, like our recent trip to Iceland, we plan out the whole thing and take self-guided tours (which leaves a lot of room to stop and do whacky things)! Other times, like our trip to the Dominican Republic in March, we book a tour to do things (like snorkeling) that we wouldn’t be able to do by ourselves and booked the entire trip through a travel agent as a package deal. I think there are pros and cons to each … and lots of research, no matter what you decide.

    Thanks for sharing, Stephanie! 🙂

    1. Thanks Anna,
      I agree lots of research is needed to do any type of traveling along with Pros and Cons for both. Research gives the traveler more knowledge on whats available to see. That is wonderful how you used Mix and Match for your tour to Iceland.
      Happy Travels, Stephanie (1AdventureTraveler)

  10. This was very helpful. Good information for everyone who is interested in going on a trip. I have taken trips with Viking and have been very happy

    1. Thank you Virginia,
      Glad you found the information helpful and enjoyed your trip with Viking River Cruises. I find that they are offer 5 star River Cruises and now the new Viking Ship which I have yet to visit. You will need to share the Viking trips you have enjoyed! I will definitely travel with Viking again.
      Happy Travels, Stephanie (1AdventureTraveler) 🙂

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