Here are 12 Effective Tools for the Social Travel Blogger to help stay organized and allow us to schedule our articles and posts.  We all know what it is like to be short on time to write your blog article and try to individually share across all social media outlets.  There does not seem to be enough time.  We need some effective tools to help.  I am not an expert but let me share what works for me.

12 Effective Tools For The Social Travel Blogger - 1AdventureTraveler | 12 Effective Tools for the Social Travel Blogger to help stay organized and allow us to schedule our articles and posts

I personally use these tools unless stated and their effectiveness has helped me tremendously staying connected on social media.  My new followers have gained a substantial numbers which has generated an increase of traffic to my website.

There are so many tools out there to schedule our social media Tweets, Posts, Pins, and assist with our Photos to help get our content out to our followers.  My goal is to show you 12 Effective Tools to help draw traffic to your website that I have found to work for me.

12 Effective Tools for the Social Travel Blogger

  1. Computer
  2. Hootsuite
  3. Crowdfire
  4. Tailwind App
  5. Canva
  6. Excel spread sheet by CoHost
  7. Lightroom Photo editing
  8. Adobe Photoshop
  9. Pintrest
  10. Instagram
  11. Twitter
  12. Facebook

12 Effect Tools for the Social Travel Blogger

12 Effective Tools For The Social Travel Blogger - 1AdventureTraveler | 12 Effective Tools for the Social Blogger - 1AdventureTraveler


Computer – There are so many choices out there on computers but chose one that offers what your looking for.  I just started using an Apple Mac which I now can have all my information across all my devices for easy access.  What a huge help.  One can also get the extended technical support which has come very useful.   I tend to do all my scheduling and work on my Computer and do individual posts or small posting with my phone or iPad.

12 Effective Tools For The Effective Social Travel Blogger - 1AdventureTraveler


Hootsuite Scheduling Tool offers a free subscription which lets the user set up streams to keep up with 3 Social Media Feeds.  The Social Media Feeds are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest to choose from.  You get to decide which ones.  Now, Pintrest is an app used with Hootsuite and will talk about later.  You are able to schedule your posts with this tool.

I started my use with the free version of Hootsuite for Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest,  but you can choose any 3 social media sites that work for you.  I now have upgraded my Hootsuite to the paid plan after a 30 day trial.  The Social Media used is Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest with the Tailwind App and now Instagram.  More about the Tailwind App below.


Crowdfire is a free subscription which lets you the user see your New Followers and Non Followers. Through this site you can click on the Follower then takes you to their twitter feed and you can decide whether to follow.

Once you decide to follow you have a welcome letter already generated which gets sent out to your new follower.  The free subscription also gives you the option to un-follow non followers if you choose.

12 Effective Tools For The Effective Social Travel Blogger - 1AdventureTraveler

Tailwind App 



Tailwind App is used in association with Hootsuite to schedule Pins on Pintrest.

All you need to do is look for the Tailwind App in the search box of Hootsuite page and then add.  You can sign up for the free version which gives you only 100 pins to use and schedule your Pintrest Posts.  You can find blogs you want to pin and it will send out at specific times that fits your profile. Once your 100 pins are finished you have the option to buy one of their subscription.   (See below how to get a free month of Tailwind to try instead of just 100 pins)

On Pintrest my subscribers have increased since using the Tailwind App.  Purchased a subscription and paid for the year in advance which also gave me 4 additional months and unlimited pins.  With the paid subscription additional pins can be added to any day which has doubled my followers.  I enjoy the ability to set up pins in advance and have the ability to move them around.  Whats great is when you go to a blog and you see the pin sign hover around and the schedule box is there and then you schedule that blog for Pintrest.

With the Tailwind App you can log in to their page and sign in and view your analytics.  See how your performing and can make changes there and also add more slot times for pinning.  It is worth watching the videos on how to use.

*Instead of just the 100 pins to try out the Tailwind App, I can give you 1 free month of Tailwind.  Just click the link and follow the directions.  I do get a small credit for myself if you do click “Tailwind 1month but its a win win for us both.   This is a wonderful app and I highly recommend it.

12 Effective Tools For The Effective Social Travel Blogger - 1AdventureTraveler


I just started using Canva to build my logo.  It is a great tool and I suggest watching some videos on how to use this tool.  I decided to purchase a subscription so I have the ability to download my logo as a transparency so I can use as a watermark on my photos.  They have free templates, and free symbols, but If you want a certain logo they offer some for $1 for one use or $10 for multiple uses.  You can upload your own but I just choose the multi-use logo and I was very happy with this program.

I was able to save my creations and download in jpeg or ping for transparency.  I also use Canva to add some flare to my Pintrest Photos along with my logo to catch peoples attention.  Great tool to use.  Canva is still wonderful for building Pintrest photos.  You do not have to upgrade to a paid subscription.  I upgraded to be able to download a Transparency.

Hubspot by Buffer (Media Content Calendar).

I stumbled upon this Free Media Content Spread Sheet by Hubspot and it has been a life saver.  I now have the ability to organize and can plan ahead.  This is a template that you need to copy and paste then fill in your information.  The templates include a montly calendar and template for all your social media outlets.  With it being a template you can make your own changes.


    • First all thats needed is to answer a few questions then you can Download the Excel Spread Sheet “Free Media Content Spread Sheet by Hubspot.
    • I  leave the original then copy and paste below it.
    • Tabs for each social media with time slots.  You can change up your template to what works for you.
    • Calander to keep track of what your going to post that day.
    • Content Template to keep track of your blogs.

This Hubspot spread sheet has been my lifesaver and has kept me organized and it is Free.  All you need to do is answer a few questions then download the spreadsheet from Hubspot.


Lightroom is and image and editing and management tool for photos developed by Adobe which I find to be awesome.  It’s not cheap but so worth it.  If you’re a photographer you need all the bells and whistles this program has to offer.

Also gives you the chance to add your watermark.  This is my go to for photo editing all my photos.  Lightroom can be a little intimidating but they have videos on YouTube that I watch and are very helpful.

Adobe Photo Shop

Adobe Photo Shop is an editing and manipulating software for your photos.  It has uses that range from full batch editing to creating detailed digital paintings and drawings. The cost is approximately $10 a month using the creative cloud.  I have not tried this, if you use this tool please leave me a comment and tell me how you like it.


Pintrest is a place to save your favorite articles, photos, webpages to your home page.  Your favorite items you want saved are saved as pins.  The user can create multiply boards and have names and categorize the pins you save.

I have read that you pin 80% of others information and 20% of your own.  Join Pintrest groups to help give your pins exposure and Facebook groups help too.   The Free Business Pintrest Account is a great tool when you sign up that will give you analytics. I use the Tailwind App to schedule my pins to Pintrest on Hootsuite.  Pintrest is a great way to draw traffic to your website.


Instagram is another free social media tool to help interact with followers.  The key here is to have a good bio, post your photos, and make sure to give them good tags.  Good rule of thumb is to follow others and make sure to like and comment.

Instagram is free , but I am now 1 week into using Instagram on my new trial Upgraded Hootsuite App to start setting up my posts.  Due to the requirements on Instagram Hootsuite can not post directly.  Hootsuite sends a reminder to your phone and then post is done manually.  I do notice I am posting more photos and having more interaction,  but still this is in my trial stage.  Instagram is another Social Media Tool to help draw traffic to your website.


Twitter is also another free social media tool to help interact with other followers.  I use Hootsuite to schedule my Tweets at certain times to get the most traffic.  Make sure to interact with others on Twitter by re-tweeting their posts and making comments.  Remember Twitter is real time live.  There is also a Twitter App for your phone.


Lots of us use Facebook.  There are different ways to use Facebook for your blogs and I like to keep my Business Facebook separate from my personal account.   If you set a separate Business Facebook account it has the same log in as your personal.  Also there are a little more bells and whistles and gives you a place to posts others content along with your own.  Great way to promote you website.  It is also easy to share content from one account to another.

To access my business only account on my iPhone and iPad I downloaded  the Pages App which once signed in shows my Facebook Business Page only.   I also downloaded the Facebook App for my personal page.   Make sure to join Facebook groups that will help promote your website, pins and tweets and you can help others by promoting theirs.

Other –  12 Effective Tools for the Social Travel Blogger

These 12 Effective Tools for the Social Travel Blogger has worked very well for me.  My goal is to work on scheduling ahead my tweets, posts and pictures.  With these tools all you needs will be accomplished and you will have more time to Explore and Travel.  Please make sure to leave me a comment as to your favorite and Effective Travel Blogging Tool.

For other effective tools read more on International Travel using Uber and  Free Airport Apps for the traveler.  Make sure to visit 1AdventureTraveler for great Travel Locations to visit, Travel Tips, Effective Tools and Adventure Photos.

Remember life is short go out and have an adventure.  

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12 Effective Tools For The Social Travel Blogger - 1AdventureTraveler | 12 Effective Tools for the Social Travel Blogger to help stay organized and allow us to schedule our articles and posts

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