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S.Korea Travels For The Ultimate Adventure

Journey to this amazing country in Eastern Asia for some South Korea Travels along with a wide variety of activities.   Be one with nature and take a hike.  This Expat Adventure Traveler at the time was living in South Korea while immersing myself in the culture.  While spending some time there, I jumped into my car, road the subway, hiked mountains, explored the city which let me to discover new places.  Let me share some of my recommendations on Cities, Activities, Hotels along with Restaurants including Pubs.   Continue reading S.Korea Travels For The Ultimate Adventure

Busan Transportation Directions…car/bus/subway

At last, Busan Transportation Directions  from Geoje Island.  This expat wife has taken some of the worry out of transportation by providing easy directions from Okpo to Busan and back.  A trip to Busan can be challenging at times, whether you take the bus/subway or just drive on your S.Korea Travels. Continue reading Busan Transportation Directions…car/bus/subway

11 Geoje Mountain Peaks to Hike

We are now ready to hike the  Geoje Mountain Peaks.  Question is, now how do we find the right trails that lead to the peak.  With the help of friends that joined me on finding our way to the peak and the Geoje Tourist Resources book we made it to all peaks.   Thank goodness the book was light and fit in my pack.

It sometimes took many hours on the trails but it was fun.  Realize some of these directions say turn left at this tree and right at this trail but its an overview on how to find the starting point.  As long as you arrive prepared, go out and explore with a friend like I did.  Hope you enjoy these hikes as much as I have.  Our time here is short here on Geoje so hurry and start your hiking. Continue reading 11 Geoje Mountain Peaks to Hike