Top Free Attractions Revealing More Savannah - 1AdventureTraveler

Top Free Attractions Revealing More Savannah

Take a trip to Savannah, Georgia and save money by visiting these Top Free Attractions Revealing More Savannah.  Spring is coming and the flowers are starting to bloom which is a perfect time to visit.   Let us learn about Savannah, shop, see a church & cemetery plus visit the beach, all for free.

Top Free Attractions Revealing More Savannah - 1AdventureTraveler
River Street Waterfront, Savannah

Top Free Attractions Revealing More Savannah

Top Free Attractions Revealing More Savannah - 1AdventureTraveler

Bonaventure Cemetery

Bonaventure Cemetery a sightseeing 100 acres of beauty.  Started in 1762 with John Mullryne and his family purchasing the land and starting the Bonaventure Plantation.  After the war the land changed hands 3 times before it came into possession of the city.

Top Free Attractions Revealing More Savannah - 1AdventureTraveler

The Bonaventure Cemetery with its’ curved pathways, grassy areas and lush Spanish Moss Live Oak trees is a wonderful tranquil location.  See the colorful colors come alive with the camellias and azaleas blooming in spring and summer along the pathways.

The Bonaventure Cemetery was featured in the novel and movie “Midnight in The Garden of Good and Evil”.   Stop by and see the grave sites of songwriter Johnny Mercer, Poet Conrad Aiken, and Screenplay writer Harry Hervey.   A free no cost beautiful place not to miss.

Location:  330 Bonaventure Rd. Savannah, GA 31404

[Tours are also offered by another company for a fee from $15-$35 that includes 2.25 hours of southern storytelling of old Savannah.]

Top Free Attractions Revealing More Savannah - 1AdventureTraveler

City Market

The City Market located in the Historic District a great place to Dine, Shop, take in some Art and Relax.  The 4 city blocks are closed to vehicle traffic which makes walking safe.  A free place to walk around, go to lunch or dinner, and sit on a bench then watch the people go by.  This is also one of the stops from a couple of the hop on and hop off tours.

Location:  Jefferson St. & West St. Julian Street, Savannah, GA 31401

Top Free Attractions Revealing More Savannah - 1AdventureTraveler
Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist located in the Historic District of Savannah.  Construction started in 1796 after the Revolutionary War, this was due to Catholics were prohibited from settling in Savannah.  It is said the English trustees feared that Catholics would be more loyal to the Spanish rather than the English.

Fire almost destroyed the cathedral in 1898 and was rebuilt in 1899.  The stunning church is free to see and if you decide a small donation can be given.  Site inside, see the beautiful stained glass windows and beautiful art.     Photo stop.

Location:  222 E Harris St, Savannah, GA 31401

Top Free Attractions Revealing More Savannah - 1AdventureTraveler

Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park located in the Historic District of Savannah established in 1840.  Sits on 10 acres of land donated by William Hodgson.  The Park expended 20 acres in 1851 then renamed in honor of the Georgia Governor John Forsyth.  The Forsyth Park is free and serves as a location for large public events and celebrations. Do not miss the Magnificent Fountain at the north end of the park.  Photo Stop.  The park is a stop on the Historic District hop on hop off tours.

Location:  Between Drayton and Whitaker Streets and Gaston and Park Streets.  Hours: Lighted areas until 11pm

Top Free Attractions Revealing More Savannah - 1AdventureTraveler
River Street Waterfront, Savannah

River Street Waterfront District

Historic River Street runs along the length of the Savannah River with 200 year old cobblestones.  The area once lined with warehouses filled with King Cotton.  In 1818 the area become quarantined due to Yellow Fever.  It has never fully recovered and abandoned for over a century but was rediscovered in 1970’s by local land owners and urban planners.

At the cost of $7 million the new waterfront was unveiled with Shops, Restaurants, Pubs, and Art Galleries.  Make sure to stroll along the river front and see the Waving Girl of River Street, and the Olympic Cauldron monument.   You may also see the man painting some amazing art work.

A place to stroll the for free and watch the ships go down the river and remember what it was like years ago.  The bricks that make up the buildings have come off the ships and acted as ballasts.  Such amazing history.   Photo Stop

Top Free Attractions Revealing More Savannah - 1AdventureTraveler
River Street Waterfront, Savannah

Tybee Island Beach

Located 30 minutes east of Savannah also known as Savannah Beach, a free fun place to put your toes in the sand.  Easy accessible barrier island with 3 miles of fun for Adults and Children.  Diverse cuisine along with accommodations, beach gear, shopping and tours available.  Spend the day or the weekend and let your worries get carried away.  I have not had the pleasure to visit the beach on this trip but if you have please leave me a comment below and tell me how you liked it.

Top Free Attractions Revealing More Savannah - 1AdventureTraveler
Old Town Trolley Ghost Tour

Tours Available for a Fee

These tours are available for a fee that will help you see the Historic District.  The advantage of two of these tours is that they are hop on hop off which gives you a chance to visit on your own then hop on to the next stop at your connivence.  There are some free things to see at some of these stops.

  • Free Savannah Tours
  • Old Town Trolley Tours
  • Old Savannah Tours
  • Historic Carriage Tours
Top Free Attractions Revealing More Savannah - 1AdventureTraveler
Old Savannah Tours

Other – Top Free Attractions Revealing More Savannah

Enjoy these Top Free Attractions Revealing More Savannah.  Savannah has dog friendly hotels, are welcome along the Riverwalk and in the outside seating at some pubs and restaurants.

Look for more blogs to come soon on Savannah’s Historic District, Accommodations, Restaurants, and other Activities.  Feeling adventurous visit me at 1AdventureTraveler.

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Top Free Attractions Revealing More Savannah - 1AdventureTraveler

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    1. Thanks wayfaringsarah,
      Glad you enjoyed reading about Savannah. It is an enjoyable place to visit. Hope you get to come this way sometime. 🙂
      Happy Travels 🙂

  1. Savannah looks like a cheery, sunny kind of place to visit. So cool that all the sights you mentioned are free, but there are also plenty of additional tours you can do. Didn’t know the city had trolleys, as I really only associate that with San Francisco in the US. I could see myself strolling about Savannah with ease 🙂

    1. Thanks David,
      Savannah is definitely a sunny place and wonderful to stroll around. The trolley are on tires not exactly like the ones in San Francisco. With all the free attractions the tours are fun with someone giving history as you hop on and off the trolleys. Spring is beautiful there with the flowers blooming.
      Happy Travels 🙂

    1. Thanks Siddharth and Shruti,
      The River Street is wonderful for sunrise and sunset strolls plus to shop and eat. Savannah is great like other cities with the Hop on Hop off tours.
      Happy Travels 🙂

  2. We went to Savannah 6 months ago, however after reading your post I feel like I missed out on some great things. Especially that view from River st looks amazing!

    1. Hi Caretogofree,
      The river view is amazing. I also missed a few places myself on my visit to Savannah and would love to return and see more. Just strolling around the historic district is fun.
      Happy Travels 🙂

  3. I’ve only been to Savannah once, when I was about 13, but I loved the old feeling of the city, the moss hanging from the trees, and eating at the Pirate’s House. We live only a few hours away and plan to visit one weekend soon. Thanks for sharing these things to do!

    1. Thanks Laura,
      You described Savannah beautifully. Missed eating at the Pirate’s House but will on my next trip. Enjoy you next visit to Savannah and try these free attractions 🙂
      Happy Travels

  4. I’ve always wanted to visit Savannah in the spring or summer, and I think we’ll probably be exploring more of the US in the coming year or two, so this is incredibly helpful! Especially the cathedral and the city market. I’d love to visit those! We’ve pinned for later reference; thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. Savannah comes across beautifully in your post. Savannah has always intrigued me with its wide range of flora and fauna. Loved the post, do not see many about Savannah.

  6. I love the look of Savannah. It has been on my list since I read Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil. Visiting cemeteries sounds a bit strange but there’s so much history of a city to learn from them. Savannah looks gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Shona,
      How funny I have always wanted to visit Savannah after seeing the movie “Midnight in the Garden of Eden”. Didn’t get a chance to read the book. Lots of history there with good food.
      Happy Travels 🙂

  7. Savannah looks beautiful! I love the park and the waterfront looks like a great place to wander around. I also have a fascination with cemeteries, so would definitely go there. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Sina,
      Savannah was beautiful and I would love to go more in Spring when the flowers bloom. The waterfront is great to walk day and night and of course a visit to the cemetery is a must.
      Happy Travels 🙂

    1. Thanks Clair,
      Free Attractions are great and good to know. One usually has to search for them 🙂 Savannah delivers with its history and more, plus those free attractions.
      Happy Travels 🙂

  8. We love Savannah! I did my bachelorette party during Halloween weekend a few years back. It was spooky and delightful. Those pics of the trees are bringing back memories, they are some of the most beautiful trees in the world. I didn’t realize so many of the tours were free. If you are still in town, my sister Emily works at B&D Burgers. Tell her you know Ally Fanton– she will hook you up 🙂

    1. Hi Scarlett,
      How awesome a bachelorette party during Halloween in Savannah! Lots of great places to visit even just strolling down the streets in the Historic District. I’m not in town now but on my next trip I will definitely look up your sister Emily at B&D Burgers…
      Happy Travels 🙂

  9. Whenever I go to a new place, I always try and source out free things to do in the area. I almost never pay for the expensive tourisy things as there are so many more better things to do with less crowds. I have never been to Savannah, but when I do visit, I will make sure to refer to your excellent guide of free things to do! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Kreete,
      Glad you liked the free things to do in Savannah. I need to get better at searching new location for the free places to visit like you do. Great tip!
      Happy Travels 🙂

    1. Thanks Sam,
      Savannah is an interesting place and reminds me of New Orleans in a way. The great restaurants there along with the history and some free things to do is fun. It is a great place to visit if your nearby.
      Happy Travels 🙂

  10. Thank you for sharing this list of free attractions in Savannah. All of these places looks amazing, including the cemetery. I will save it for future reference.

    1. Hi Alexei,
      Savannah is fascinating and interesting place to visit. I could go back and see the places I missed. A 3 or 4 day weekend is enough time to get a glimpse into the pulse of the city if you ever find yourself across the pond 🙂
      Happy Travels!

  11. Everyone likes to do things for free so what a great list you have compiled here! I love the architecture of Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, it reminds me of Florence a little. Strolling around parks and having a coffee on a waterfront promenade are lovely relaxing ways to spend time and people watch. Thanks for sharing #feetdotravel

    1. Thanks Angie,
      This was a new kind of post for me which was to find free things to do. The fun I had in doing that task. Savannah is beautiful and worth a visit.
      Happy Travels 🙂

  12. I’ve always thought Savannah seemed like the quintessential town filled with southern charm. Reading your post, it seems my thoughts may not be too far off! What a great place to spend some time!

    1. Hi Jenn,
      You are correct Savannah is the quintessential town filled to the brim with southern charm. That is exactly why I wanted a chance to visit. I was happy to find free attractions to visit while there.
      Happy Travels 🙂

    1. Thanks Garth,
      Free tips are so much fun! If you get a chance to visit enjoy the laid back flow of Old Town Savannah. Thanks for pinning.
      Happy Travels 🙂

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