Here are the March Festivals Japan 2016.  This expat wife has found seven interesting activities.  The beginning of spring is fast approaching and that means beautiful flowers are thinking about blooming.

It’s still not too late though to do some skiing or snowboarding while the weather is still cool.

March Festivals Japan

Kyoto, Japan

 The following are a few of the Major March Festivals Japan 2016.

1  Hina Matsuri March 3

The Doll or Children’s Festival.  Families with girls wish their daughters success and happy life.

2.  Omizutori Festival March 1 – 14 Nara at the Todaiji Tenoke

Just after sunset on every night, giant torches, are carried up to the Nigatsudo’s balacony and burning embers rain down on the onlookers to wish them a safe year. The best night to view the Omizutori Festival is March 12.

3.  Sake no jin: Toyoko March 12-13

Sake fair visited by 100 sake producers open to everyone over 21.  Y2500 gives you a cup to taste the sake.

4.  White Day March 14

Men are supposed to return the favor and give the women chocolates on this day.  Just like the women gave the men chocolates on Valentine’s Day.

5.  Grand Sumo Tournament: Osaka March 13 – 27

Japanese Style wrestling that originated in ancient times to entertain the Shinto Deities.  Tickets can be purchased ahead.

6.  Hanatori: Kyoto March 12 – 21

Many temples and Shrines are illuminated which take place in the Higashashiyama District.  Thousands of lanterns are set out in the popular areas combined with flower and light displays to give a magical experience.

7.  March Skiing and Snowboarding

Snow conditions across Japan can last into late March and early April.  With the weather getting warm the snow conditions are affected but it makes for a pleasant ski.  Some locations may offer lower lift prices which is a plus. There are lots of ski locations to choose from for your next adventure.

March Festivals Japan

Kyoto, Japan

Enjoy these 7 March Festivals Japan 2016.

It’s not too late to book your rooms and flights to enjoy the Kyoto Japan Cherry Blossoms 2016 in April.

For additional information see my Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima blogs at 1Adventure Traveler.  Life if short go out and enjoy life.