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Trick Eye Museum Busan

Want some good laughs, take a buddy and go visit this unique Trick Eye Museum.  Your in Busan for the day and looking for something to do stop here.

This is a fun place to visit when you have a few hours, where you can take cool pictures of yourself interacting with some paintings.  There is a 3-D illusion to the paintings when you place yourself in funny positions and certain locations within the frame which tricks the eye and gives you great photos to share. Continue reading Trick Eye Museum Busan

10 Hiking Essentials for my Day Pack

Are we ready to see if we have our Hiking Essentials in our day pack.  By now you have watched “You Tube’ videos on “How to Hike” and “How to use Hiking Sticks”.  Don’t laugh the videos really work.  The fun part is to gather some 10 Hiking Essentials for your Day Pack.   Some of you are thinking “do I really need a pack” and others are saying “oops I forgot my water”.   What you have in your hiking pack can be the difference between a good or bad hike.   I want to share a few tips that I found helpful from my fellow hiking buddies here on Geoje, South Korea.

Continue reading 10 Hiking Essentials for my Day Pack

Geoje Island Mountains to Hike

Geoje Island Mountains I once read is where humans live in complete harmony with nature.  All this fresh air is wonderful and here are some great mountains to hike.  Geoje is the second largest island in Korea.  The Geoje Island Mountains are worth a visit and hiking is the best way to see them. Continue reading Geoje Island Mountains to Hike