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Cloud Forest of San Ramon

Welcome to the town of San Ramon, Costa Rica.  Arrived there by car that I rented in San Jose.  Now that was an experience all in itself.  Travel there was exciting and easy to do.  Make sure to fill up your gas tank, sit back and enjoy the ride.  Such an amazing journey and feeling, “magical with nature”.

Cloud Forest of San Ramon
Cloud Forest of San Ramon

Location Cloud Forest of San Ramon

Only a few hours from San Jose or one hour west of the International Airport you come across the town of San Ramón.  Located in the Alajuela Provenice, is a Colonial Town with a population of 11,00 people.

San Ramon lies at an elevation of 1,057 meters who is home to rich poets that has sent 5 men to the country’s highest offices.  Driving through this small town, one notices its history along with churches, people and bodegas.  Continue through town, then past the many farms, on a journey to a beautiful tranquil place.

Villa Blanca sign
Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Hotel and Nature Reserve

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Hello Costa Rica

Costa Rica with its tropical forests, birds and plants of many different species is this expat’s dream adventure.  Tasty cuisine and the romantic language of Spanish is what one would expect to experience and more.  My senses are in over drive as I take a deep breath and start my adventure. Continue reading Hello Costa Rica