The Enchanted Peggys Cove
Through the fog loomed this enchanting lighthouse called Peggys Point Lighthouse located in Peggys Cove.  What a sight to see on my excursion stop in Halifax, Canada with Norwegian Cruise Line.  This misty morning provided a great backdrop for this quaint little town.  Journey with me to find the hidden gem in Peggys Cove.

Welcome to Peggys Cove

Peggys Cove is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada that marks the eastern entrance to St. Margaret’s Bay.  Land here that was shaped by glaciers thousands of years ago sits Peggys Cove.  An interesting working fishing village with boats, lobster traps and fishing nets.  Host to one of the most photographed lighthouses.

Peggy’s Cove in Fog

Photograph by T.Griggs Mr. 1AdventureTraveler


There are two stories on how Peggys Cove received its name.  The first version is that Peggy is the nickname for Margaret.  The name may have been acquired by the community from the name of the nearby Saint Margaret’s Bay. Now for the romantic version – Peggy was a local settler who was the only survivor of a shipwreck.  Along with that version there are actual American families that claim descent from Shipwrecked Peggy.  I like to think the cove received its name from the romantic version.

“Journey with me to find the “Hidden Gem in Peggys Cove.”

The lighthouse was erected in 1868, was 50 feet/50 meters high as a wood structure on top of a keepers dwelling.  The lighthouse’s red light shown bright through a catoptric reflector to magnify the kerosene oil lamp.   Fire, unfortunately erupted at Peggys Point Lighthouse.  The keepers dwelling was replaced in 1915 of concrete octagon shaped 50 feet west of the original lighthouse. Now the light showed white using a new technique called the dioptric lens (glass prisms) to magnify the light.  Finally, in 1979 the light color changed again from white to green.  A big thanks to my Norweigan Cruise Line Tour Guide and the NSLPS for this interesting information.  Let us check out some activities around the lighthouse.
Peggy’s Cove

Photograph by T.Griggs Mr. 1AdventureTraveler


Here are a few activities to do at Peggys Cove and in the general area.

  • Go hiking in the thousand acres of Peggys Cove Preservation Area
  • Take a walk along the huge boulders around the lighthouse but beware of rogue waves that can crash and sweep you away.
  • Tidal pools in the area are the ultimatehidden gem activity.  The tidal pools hold tiny sea life when the tide goes out.  There is one located at the end of the parking lot of the Peggys Cove Visitors Center.  Look for the bench then follow the path.
  • For more hidden gem tidal pools, check out the ocean side of route 333.

Tips for Visiting Peggys Cove

Note if you go as an excursion from NCL there is limited time to see the area.  Around 30 min to catch a few photos and check out the shopping but worth an experience. Take care walking around the lighthouse during eminent weather with high waves. Bathrooms are available at the store and Visitors Center. Take time to visit the “hidden gem” of Peggys Cove – tidal pools


This wonderful excursion with NCL gave me a taste of Peggys Cove to know that I would definitely return for a long visit on my next trip.  The ‘hidden gem” tidal pools are on my list for my next visit. Make sure to check out more about my excursions in Halifax, Canada, with Norwegian Cruise Line.  Vist more of my other adventures to visit in Asia, United States and Europe.  This 1AdventureTraveler loved my visit to Peggys Cove.

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