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Wishing all my travel friends a Happy New Year plus a look back to the Insider Secrets to My Latest Expat Travel Adventures.  My travels this last year took me to new locations along the East Coast of the United States, up into Canada, plus places I have previously visited.  Adventures were done with my trusty Lonely Planet Travel Books plus lots of  research on TripAdvisor.

In my travels I have tasted some amazing cuisine, took a step back in time in a few cities, and toured the hustle and bustle of iconic large cities.  Then, there was the adventure of the changing of the leaves, also stunning mountains with lakes, plus the greatest rushing water over rocks.  Wow, that is an exhausting list.  Now first, let’s learn, about the word “Expat“.

Banff National Park Canada.

Photograph by T.Griggs “Mr. 1AdventureTraveler”

Expat – Latest Expat Travel Advenutres

Expat” is another name for an expatriate or person who resides temporarily or permanently in a country other than that of its citizenship. My country of citizenship is the United States.  Expat is a commonly used word that refers to professionals or skilled workers sent overseas by companies, government and non-government organizations.

This year, this expat is living back in my own country. It is not an easy transition after living abroad with some amazing people.  Enjoyed immersing myself into another culture but had to acclimate back to the customs and ways of my own country.

Met wonderful new friends, memories were formed with the “expat” adventures shared like hiking many mountain peaks.  A bond is formed with the knowldge that some will be friends for life. This experience of living as an “expat” has helped with new adventures and the need to immerse myself in the culture in all my travels.  Now, let’s take a peek into the “insider secrets of my latest expat travel adventures”.

Travels – Latest Expat Travel Adventures

This year took me to a few different locations.  Some adventures took place in Savanah Georgia and Charleston South Carolina with a stay in their historic districts.  Enjoyed a step back in time while exploring old buildings, learning it’s history, plus tasting some amazing cuisine.  These places would be fun to explore again.

Next, visited iconic large cities; Washington DC, New York City and Toronto.  My adventures were crazy with the hustle and bustle vibe of the city which was so exciting while exploring historic and famous places.  I just love the hop on and hop off bus tours for these large cities.  Look for the Insider Secrets Expat Travel Adventures for these places.

Viewed the changing of the leaves this last Autumn which was stunning!  Took a Cruise, where I experienced Halifax, Saint John New Brunswick, Bar Harbor, plus Portland.  Seen many lighthouses including the Enchanting Peggy’s Cove, tasted maple syrup and ate amazing lobster, plus learned so much more everywhere visited.

Next, the roaring of rushing water over the rocks at Niagara Falls in Canada had me speechless along with experiencing the activities available.  Then another adventure to see the crystal-clear water and majestic mountains of Banff National Park which was the perfect place for some awesome travel photography.  Make sure to click into the article for the Insider Secrets Expat Travel Adventures of Banff National Park.

New York City taken from the Norweigan Gem Cruise Ship.

Photograph by 1AdventureTraveler

Let me also not forget my favorite travels back to Southern California along the beach and to the desert of Tucson Arizona a few times this year.

See some of my articles with the Insider Secrets Expat Travel Adventures that are in Bold and colored Blue.  Look forward for more articles on the other locations coming soon.  If you have not noticed, one my favorite things to do while travel is take photographs.  My pictures and those of Mr. 1AdventureTraveler may not always be clear and sharp but are mostly are own in the articles.

More – Latest Expat Travel Adventures

Thank you for letting me share my Insider Secrets Expat Travel Adventures with you and hope you find my Recommendations on Activities, Restaurants, Hotels, Travel Tips, Travel Shopping, Travel Books and Reviews helpful.  Please make sure to leave your comments, questions, or any tips that you recommend below my articles.  This expat 1AdventureTraveler wishes you a very Happy New Year, Peace and Love, plus many adventures for you in the New Year.

Life is short, go out and have an adventure! 

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