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Spectacular Chen Sea Resort Spa will make you feel Amazing

hotel review: Chen Sea Resort Spa

The Chen Sea Resort Spa on the Island of Phu Quac Vietnam is a quick flight away from Ho Chi Minh City.  The resort is a great place to relax after weeks of travel in Vietnam.  Continue reading Spectacular Chen Sea Resort Spa will make you feel Amazing

Hotel Sofitel Metropole Hanoi

hotel review: Hotel Sofitel Metropole Hanoi

Hotel Sofitel Metropole Hanoi is a gem of a luxury hotel in Vietnam. Located near the Old Quarter which makes it a close proximity for an adventure into the Quarter.

This gem of a hotel is very clean and the rooms were beautifully decorated with soft and dreamy beds.  I was introduced to the Hotel Sofitel Metropole Hanoi as part of my Magnificent Mekong Tour with Viking River Cruises. Continue reading Hotel Sofitel Metropole Hanoi

Hanoi, Vietnam… An Expat’s Adventure…

Just arrived in this foreign country Hanoi Vietnam and as I stand there, the sights and sounds are overwhelming.  Honking motorcycle horns, laughter, steam rising from the food pots cooking on the sidewalk, and a galore of shops.  I look around. where am I, thinking to my self.  Welcome to Hanoi Vietnam.

I’m excited to get started on my adventure.  Arrived in Hanoi Vietnam days earlier before our cruise that begins with Viking River Cruises “Magnificent Mekong River Cruise” .  I wanted to experience the tastes, smells and excitement of the city my way.

Hanoi, Vietnam Continue reading Hanoi, Vietnam… An Expat’s Adventure…