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Scuba Diving Sabang, Puerto Galera ….Philippines

Let’s go scuba diving in Sabang, Puerto Galera, Philippines, my husband said one afternoon.  My next thought was where in the world is Sabang.  It’s a small town located on the northwestern coast of Mindoro Islands, Philippines in the municipality of Puerto Galera.  One of the top 10 dive destinations in the Philippines.

sabang, philippines
Sabang, Puerto Galera, Philippines

Then my next thought was how remote was this place, but knowing my husband I was definitely in for an adventure.  Took a flight to Manila, 3 hr drive to Batangas (port city), then an 80 min ferry ride to Sabang.

Oh, but the adventure is just beginning since I must go from the ferry boat to a small canoe standing up to reach the dock due to low tide.  This all done trying to balance myself with belongings and praying those core exercises came in handy.

Sabang, Philippines
Downtown Sabang, Puerto Galera

Did I mention its Typhoon season with the sky looking like it wants to pour down rain and all I can think about was when can I go scuba diving.  This Expat is up for an adventure so off I go to find my hotel.

Sabang, Philippines
Mermaid Resort

Sabang is very small town on the coast with some concrete and dirt roads.  As I walk through town and to my surprise I am staying in a nice hotel with a 24 restaurant and a pool.

This typical scuba diving town has people from all over the world, great little restaurants and a wide variety of dive shops.  I enjoyed my stay and dives with the Mermaid Resort.

Sabang, Philipines
Diving with the Mermaids…Mermaid Resort

Diving was exceptional and I viewed a wide variety of nudibranches, fish, turtles and coral.  I did experience some strong currents and decreased visibility in my dives due to the time of year.

Mermaid Resort provided great dive masters, new boat, and a wide of variety of dive sites.

Sabang, Philippines
Mermaid Dive sites…Mermaid Resort

Make sure to dive “Verde Island”.  Great visibility and sea life.  Lunch on the beach is sometimes offered and makes for a great day.

Scuba diving in these small locations one meets interesting characters.  I meet a fellow scuba diver who just recently lived on the Island of Roatan and know the same people I do.  Now that’s a small world.

puerta gallera-25
Rock Fish…Sabang, Philippines

There are other things to do than scuba diving in Sabang.  We rented a motor scooter and visited, White Beach, Waterfalls, out of the way Restaurants on secluded beaches, and other small towns to buy local handmade goods.

Sabang, Philippines
Nudibranch…Sabang, Philippines

Plan your trip Sabang to allow more time in Manila to shop for pearls, local handmade items, and visit the aquarium.  A stay at the “Marriott Manila” is highly recommended.

Sabang, Philippines
Sunset in Sabang

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