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Review:  Green Papaya Taco Bar


Green Papaya Taco Bar & More


Behind the Ovega Negra Hostel

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

+506 2653 0863

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Travel To The Amazing Capitan Suizo Hotel

Welcome to Tamarindo Costa Rica, to one of my hotel tripadvisor reviews on Capitan Suizo Hotel.  See lush green forests, beautiful pacific coast ocean waves, cozy town with a variety of restaurants. With a cheap flight to Costa Rica,  I enjoyed this amazing hotel.  This was my second stop after my stay in the Cloud Forest.  Upon arrival to Tamarindo the warmth was a welcome relief.   Now let us take a look at the Capitan Suizo Hotel. Continue reading Travel To The Amazing Capitan Suizo Hotel

Hello Costa Rica

Costa Rica with its tropical forests, birds and plants of many different species is this expat’s dream adventure.  Tasty cuisine and the romantic language of Spanish is what one would expect to experience and more.  My senses are in over drive as I take a deep breath and start my adventure. Continue reading Hello Costa Rica