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Chinese New Year 2016

Its that exciting time of year to celebrate Chinese New Year 2016  in Hong Kong or Shanghai on this Feb 8.  This expat wife, 1Adventure Traveler, will share some of my favorite adventures and recommendations for your travel .  It’s all about learning the culture and experiencing adventures firsthand. Continue reading Chinese New Year 2016

6 Ways to Conquer the Fascinating Beijing

A visit to Beijing was one of the mystery places on my  bucket-list.  A place that did not disappoint which was educational as well as fascinating.  If you’re living in Asia or traveling, make it a point to visit Beijing.  My backpack strapped to the front and my camera in hand this Expat was ready to immerse herself in the city and have fun.  I will guide you on your adventure to the  Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square, and the Sacred Way.   Continue reading 6 Ways to Conquer the Fascinating Beijing

Hong Kong an Expats Travel Adventure

Enjoy the many flavors of Hong Kong where the east meets west.  Hear the many languages being spoken from all over the world.  A place where this expat travel adventurer went to relax and enjoy the wonderful eclectic food.  Visit one of the tasty Michelin Restaurants or street food from the many stalls that line the streets.  Go on a day trip, mingle with the locals and feel the vibe of this fast moving city. It’s truly up to you on how you would like to spend your Adventure. Continue reading Hong Kong an Expats Travel Adventure