12 Fantastic Gifts for Spirited Travelers with 1AdventureTraveler

12 Fantastic Gifts for Spirited Travelers

Here are the 12 Fantastic Gifts for Spirited Travelers.  It is that time of the year to start planning your travels for next year.  Here are my 12 Travel Must Haves that I have found to be helpful.

12 Fantastic for Spirited Travelers with 1AdventureTraveler

Equipment – 12 Fantastic Gifts for Spirited Travelers

1. Dell Computer

12 Fantastic Gifts for Spirited Travelers with 1AdventureTraveler

I love my Dell Laptop and am ready to purchase a new one.  One reason I love them so much is the technical support I receive.  I pay for the extra technical support since I am not as tech savvy as I think.   There are so many new models that I have yet explored and will let you pick and choose your favorite.  Leave me a comment on which one you prefer.

2.  Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

12 Fantastic Gifts for Spirited Travelers with 1AdventureTraveler

My Kindle is my lifesaver.  When traveling it is hurry up and wait and at those times it is great to pull out my kindle to read.   I have already downloaded lots of books under wifi to read from Amazon.  One can also download a travel book which is lighter, has the ability to highlight and bookmark.  The fantastic thing is I can read in sunlight due to its back lighting capability.

3.  Nikon D7100


12 Fantastic Gifts for Spirited Travelers with 1AdventureTraveler

I am an amateur photographer and love taking photos.  I have graduated recently to the Nikon D7000 with interchangeable lens.  My Nikon is a lot of camera but capable of taking some great shots.  Accessories are a plus including a tripod is helpful.  The Nikon D7000 has been upgraded to the Nikon D7100  from what I have read.  I have not used this new one yet but would love to try the new upgrade since I took my husbands camera.

Lexar Professional 32GB SDHC Card

12 Fantastic Gifts for Spirited Travelers with 1AdventureTraveler

I always have plenty of Lexar Scan Disc Cards to take loads of photos.  I just started using new ones every time I change out.  That way I can keep track of my own photos especially if my husband takes photos too.  One can also download photos off the SDHC Cards to a device and reuse.  I like to use the Lexar 32GB SDHC.

4.  Case Logic Backpack for my Camera

12 Fantastic Gifts for Spirited Travelers with 1AdventureTraveler

This Case Logic Back Pack is awesome.  It has enough compartments to hold my camera gear and also a place to hook up my tripod on the side.  Then just put on your back and go.  Very rugged and a waterproof base for the times your on a hike and you need to set it down on the wet dirty ground.  It can become heavy if overloaded and if your a girl or woman can be to much weight.

5.  Delsey Luggage Carry-On Spinner Trolley

12 Fantastic Gifts for Spirited Travelers with 1AdventureTraveler

When I have the luxury of taking on a rolling bag the Delsey Carry On with Spinner Wheels is my go to bag. Fits in the overhead easily as long as I don’t expand.   So easy to use. holds my laptop, kindle, snacks and a day worth of clothes.

Travel Clothing – 12 Fantastic Gifts for Spirited Travelers

5.  Women’s Travel Clothes

My go to travel clothes are ones that wash and wear.  I will usually by brands like Columbia, Title Nine, Nike and more.  The stores I usually go are REI, Amazon, and Sporting Good Stores which always seem to be having a special sale.  Travel Clothes are expensive so I like to try and find them at the end of the season.   I love how I can pack light, wash them in the afternoon and wear them the next day.

6.  Chaco Sandals

12 Fantastic Gifts for Spirited Travelers with 1AdventureTraveler

My Chaco’s 5 point sandals are great for traveling.  They have ultimate support and 5 points to keep on your feet.  They work well if traveling through the raining or warm seasons.  They are my go to travel sandals.  They are rugged with a great bottom grip.  They have different styles with backs on them and some that go around the toe.  The key to these sandals is to adjust the straps that gives you equal room all the way around.  My go to sandals Chaco’s which I always seem to find on Zappos.  I love how Zappos, they ship out quickly and have an easy return policy.

12.  Marmot Men’s Precip Jacket

12 Fantastic Gifts for Spirited Travelers with 1AdventureTraveler

Marmot Rain Jacket is great for keeping the rain off.  Has a hood, pockets that are at an angle closed by a zipper and Velcro.  The jacket zippers up with Velcro enclosures in the front and zippers under the arms for ventilation.  My husband loves this lightweight jacket.  Easy to pack and go.

On the Road – 12 Fantastic Gifts for Spirited Travelers

8.  Here are my Favorite Travel Books

12 Fantastic Gifts for Spirited Travelers with 1AdventureTraveler

Lonely Planet Thailand (Travel Guide)

12 Fantastic Gifts for Spirited Travelers with 1AdventureTraveler

Rick Steves Europe Through the Back Door

My go to travel books are Lonely Planet and  Rick Steves.  I choose one for the country and also for the city I am visiting.  This way I can tab, highlight great places to visit to plan my holiday.  My go to books that get very well worn.  What I found funny was traveling through Italy one year and most travelers had the Rick Steves Travel Guides in their hands.

9.  Leather Passport Cover

12 Fantastic Gifts for Spirited Travelers with 1AdventureTraveler

I like to keep my passport hidden in a leather holder.  This way I do not flash which country I am from.  A tip is to make sure to have it just placed inside for when going through customs not in the holders.  I like this Passport Cover due to its RFID Blocking capabilities.  I am all about safety and not being a target.  This is on my Christmas wish list this year since my original one is all worn out.

Travel Diary

12 Fantastic Gifts for Spirited Travelers with 1AdventureTraveler

I like to purchase my diary in the country I’m traveling in.  If I can find one with the ability to switch out pages when finished that is a win win.   It is always good to write down your experiences on paper and fun to read them at a later time.  This will also give us travelers some memories to write in our blogs.

10.  Laundry Detergent

12 Fantastic Gifts for Spirited Travelers with 1AdventureTraveler

Lewis N. Clark Woolite Travel Laundry Kit With Sink Stopper and Liquid Soap

I pack light and my clothes are mostly made of material that dry overnight.  With the Woolite Washing Packets, just wash clothes, hang up and they are ready to wear the next day.  The packets are individual  use and you don’t have to worry about trying to save a liquid detergent.

11.  Bug Repellent

Off Deep Woods Insect Repellent

12 Fantastic Gifts for Spirited Travelers with 1AdventureTraveler

These Off Deep Woods Insect Repellent packets are great and travel well.  They are wipes and all you do is wipe on your skin and throw away.  They keep working for hours.  I keep them in a plastic bag and place in my checked in baggage.  My husband loves these which came in handy while in Vietnam.

Coconut Oil Packets

12 Fantastic Gifts for Spirited Travelers with 1AdventureTraveler

Some people including me are allergic to Deet.  I found Coconut Oil is a great natural bug repellent.  These Coconut Oil packets are great and easy to use.  I make sure to transport in a zip-lock bag since they can be somewhat messy.  Coconut Oil Packets are hard to find.  I have not bought this particular brand put a similar brand.

These 12 Fantastic Gifts for the Spirited Traveler will be enjoyed by all.  You can find some great Travel Blogs to plan your next destination at 1AdventureTraveler.

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12 Fantastic Gifts for Spirited Travelers with 1AdventureTraveler

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22 thoughts on “12 Fantastic Gifts for Spirited Travelers”

  1. Fantastic list! Although the holidays are over, these gifts are perfect presents to the wanderlusts in my life on any occasion. I also love the Coconut oil bug repellent tip! Thanks.

    1. Thanks Therie,
      Happy you like my gifts for travelers. Oh yes, my go to bug repellent is coconut oil. I am wearing some now as I type lol.
      Happy Travels 🙂

  2. I should try these Chaco’s sandals, look so comfy! never heard of them;-) got some new ideas of gifts for myself 😀 Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Anna,
      I love my Chaco sandals and use them all the time for walking on pavement or doing some minor hiking. They worked well walking through Vietnam in all the rain too. Love the 5 point straps that keep them on my feet along with the great arch. Important thing is to pull the straps back and forth to get the right room around the toes and foot. Glad you possibly found some great gifts for yourself.
      Happy Travels, Stephanie (1AdventureTraveler)

  3. Great list Stephanie! I don’t use my kindle nearly enough and the Nikon D7100 does look great. I hadn’t heard of Rick Steves until recently but I saw several people carrying them in Italy too.

    1. Thanks David,
      It is funny how so many people walk around with Rick Steves’ Travel Books in Europe. There is also a budget travel book I haven’t used. Now the podcasts are great to download then take on the trip and it takes you step by step and gives some great information. That was our life saver through the Vatican and all the museums in Rome 🙂
      Happy Travels, Stephanie (1AdventureTraveler)

  4. Oh yes! I am dying for a new laptop too, which is so important for us bloggers. I am thinking about a mac book though as I have an iPhone and I am super happy with it. Apart from the screen I cracked a few weeks ago haha! And I just use my phone for photos or a gopro for which my partner is getting me a hand held stabilizer for xmas! So excited for these professional looking travel videos now! Great list though! I always write everything down in a journal too!

    1. Thanks Kreete,
      Great your getting a hand held stabilizer for xmas. That will be great for some night shots. I would like one too. I can’t decide between the Mac and Dell computer. I like the Mac for photos but really leaning to the Dell for Microsoft. Big decisions 2 would be nice. lol Bummer you cracked you iPhone screen hopefully Apple will fix for you. Glad you liked my list and also its great we both hand write in journals. I think that is a dying art with all these electronics. Happy Travels, Stephanie (1AdventureTraveler)

    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      Thanks, glad you liked my Travel Gift List. How exciting you bought a Go Pro. They are so much fun, enjoy. Happy your a Nikon user, I am excited to try out that new D7100. Now I just need my husband to buy it for me so he can keep his D7000.
      Happy Holidays, Stephanie (1AdventureTraveler

  5. I have the Marmot Precip Jacket and I love it! Since it’s packable, it’s easy to take everywhere. I also take a small notebook with me everywhere. It helps to jot down notes and organize my thoughts after a long day. Nice list!

    1. Thanks Thrifty Trails,
      Thanks, Glad you liked my Gift List.
      Yes we both love our Marmot Precip Jackets too. Easily packable and will keep the rain off during rainy seasons in the jungle but cool with the vents open 🙂 Another one of my favorites is the journal. Sometimes its hard to keep up with while traveling but so worth it to write down thoughts and fun exciting things done that day. Great to read later through the years!
      Happy Holidays! Stephanie (1AdventureTraveler)

    1. Thanks Alexei,
      Glad you liked my Travel Gift List. There were so many more items to add but for the basics these are all my favorites and are a staple in my travel bag 🙂 I use them all except for that new Nikon D7100 camera which is on my wish list. Great idea to update your list and maybe add a few I mentioned 🙂
      Happy Holidays and Travels, Stephanie (1AdventureTraveler)

  6. Great tips Stephanie…I’m looking into new cameras too. Something simple for me I do love great shots on a post. Sometimes I prepare way ahead of time and still forget. getting a little more savvy as I get older!

    1. Hi Lisa
      Thanks, glad you like my Gifts for Travelers which are my favorite go to items in my travel bag. A new camera takes time to decide on the right one for you. I love my Nikon cameras and do have one on my wish list. I agree we do get more savvy as we get older 🙂
      Happy Holidays and Travels, Stephanie (1AdventureTraveler)

  7. These are great ideas Stephanie! but sadly you won’t convince me to the dark side of a Dell PC, i love my mac too much! Now those laundry detergent sachets are a great idea! why haven’t I thought of those before?! We needed those recently when we were travelling in Vietnam. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks Gareth,
      I agree the Mac is great for photos and can see why you won’t go to the dark side 🙂 I would like one of each. One for my photos and one for my writing. (That is just a wish and my husband just laughs at me). I can’t tell you how I loved the Laundry Detergent packets on my trip to Vietnam. With all that humidity and heat it was great to plug the sink and wash my clothes in the morning, they dried and I could wear them the next day! Awesome… Also those bug repellent wipe packets and my coconut oil packets where handy there too. Everyone was surprised they came in packets and kept asking us for some 🙂
      Happy Holidays and Travels, Stephanie (1AdventureTraveler)

  8. Yep, as a traveller, most of these items I could simply not be without! Lonely Planet is my bible and I was gutted when I had to give them all to charity when I was about to embark on my permanent nomadic life, in my heart I wanted to put them in a box into storage lol. I love a travel diary as well, I have kept one on all my travels throughout the years 🙂 I didn’t know some people were allergic to DEET – I’m not surprised though, the stuff stinks and feels horrible so I may look into the coconut oil sachets, thank you!

    1. Thanks Angie,
      I agree it is so hard to give away your Lonely Planet books. Some of mine I stuck in storage when I was on the road for years and nice to review back at the places that were highlighted. You can now download them to your devices which I started to do lately. Not quite the same and I think the travel diary is a must for all travelers. So great to go back and read at a later time. The coconut oil packets are hard to find, a little messy but you smell good and the mosquitoes drown in the oil. lol 🙂 The only downside is no sun protection.
      Happy Holidays and Travels, Stephanie (1AdventureTraveler)

  9. I love my Marmot Precip jacket (the woman’s version)! It’s so lightweight and hardly takes up any space at all in my luggage. And it does a great job of keeping me dry when it rains! And I had no idea that coconut oil works as a bug repellent. I’m gonna need to try that… mosquitos love me!

    1. Hi Anna,
      Oh yes, coconut keeps those pesky mosquitoes away while you smell nice. Sad to say they drown in the oil. 🙂 My husband and I love our Marmot Precip Jackets too. They are so easy to pack, are lightweight & keep us dry especially during the rainy season. Great to slide right in my day pack.
      Happy Holidays & Travels, Stephanie (1AdventureTraveler)

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